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Information for Replacements


Limited Warranty

All Ferrari products come with a "Limited Warranty" which specifically pertains to the functionality of the product. Ferrari will replace, at "no charge" to the customer, any product that fails which has been shown to have been properly installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and has been used under "normal working conditions" for no more than 8 years. In the event of a confirmed product failure, in lieu of the aforementioned conditions, Ferrari will be responsible for the replacement of the product but not for shipping/processing expenses incurred to deliver the replacement part(s) directly to the customer via USPS standard mail service or UPS standard ground service. This warranty also indemnifies Ferrari from any additional damage, loss or injury resulting from the failure of any of the products due to "improper installation or application" and/or "abnormal working conditions". The warranty is specifically limited to the function of the product.


Warranty Replacement Procedure

In order to properly identify the item you need replaced we ask that you please provide a digital photo via email for us to examine. This will assure we can visually determine which product is needed as well as determine an alternative product if needed.

Once you have taken the photos (top view, side view and bottom view) of the item you need replaced please forward it to info@ferrariamerica.com.

Note: Please include the quantity needed for the item you want replaced.

You will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours via email at which time you will receive instructions as to how to proceed. Please make sure that you approve our email address in advance of sending the photos as this will ensure that our response back to you will not go to your "spam" or "junk" mail box.

Replacements are typically shipped via USPS or UPS and will require a minimum $12.00 fee for shipping and processing. This fee covers the first initial set of replacement products. Any additional products needed may increase the cost of the shipping and processing.

Payments accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover or check.


Alternative Product Replacements

Due to enhancements and updates to our product designs over the years, we may not be able to supply an identical item for your replacements. This means we may have to send an alternative product but will assure that the alternative product will work properly in the same application. All effort will be made to provide an exact replacement.


Standard Delivery Schedule

Please allow two weeks, once the order is confirmed, for the replacements to arrive. All efforts are made to process the orders sooner but no order should take more than two weeks to fill unless a special item is needed from our parent company in Italy.

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding this matter you may contact our customer service at 800-664-4872 for further assistance.